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Lego® Home Organization

Are there stray Lego® pieces in the back of your children's closets? Are you missing the instructions to that very expensive Lego set? Would you enjoy having your kids engaged in a quiet activity for hours at a time if it wasn’t such a mess to clean up?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, your prayers have come true!

We can help you search through those rarely explored corners of your house for your missing Lego® parts and instructions, and if we cannot find them, we can order new ones for you.

We can organize your Lego® collection by sets, parts or both. We will show your newly reintroduced Lego® enthusiast easy and effective ways to clean up their Lego®, and more importantly, how to keep their Lego® organized.


We're not looking to charge an arm and a leg for this service (although my understanding is that some people would gladly give both arms and a leg to have things neat and organized). We want your family to experience all that Lego® building has to offer, just like we do, so we are happy to come out to your house and to give you a free (and very reasonable) estimate on how we can accomplish your Lego® organization dream.

Want to sell or donate your Lego®? Let us know.

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turn this

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